Back then coming across some unforgettable CD covers↗︎ or magazine designs↗︎ as well as finding another weird experimental website↗︎ in the middle of the night web surfing were the experiences that convinced me: this was something I wanted to do. That was an emotional decision and I think true passion is something hardest to achieve and keep but something most critical to do good work and be proud of yourself.

I am Ilya [il-'ya] and I design things. When I was a teenager I believed that there was nothing more fulfilling, beautiful and enjoyable than playing a bass in a band, being a snowboarder and making designs on a computer. Since then only snowboarding thing is still on a to-do list. Life was kind enough to let me complete another two tasks.

I’ve been always enamored of the possibilities and elusiveness of digital and made my way as a digital designer. So I am more into web sites, web and mobile apps, motion graphics and interactive stuff. But it rarely goes without heavily overlapping identity design, typography, illustration etc, so I deal with those regularly too. I mean it’s just a more frequent thing for me to do a digital communication rather than a leaflet.

I started in a small design studio that made digital promo for movies, then I worked in (full-time) and with (as a freelancer) some great agencies (like Red Keds↗︎ and Friends↗︎) for some good brands (Unilever, Panasonic, Range Rover, WWF among others). Later on I helped the startup Fasten↗︎ to compete Uber and Lyft (in Boston and Austin) and startup Smartcat↗︎ to build the all-in-one language translation platform (worldwide). I’ve been working in different roles: as a designer, art director and design manager, so I feel comfortable both as a doer and a facilitator.

What I want and what I’d like to stick with for the next decade is designing meaningful experiences, thoughtful content and useful products. It is pretty broad definition but it sounds good to me:)